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Courier Management Systems

e-Courier’s product offerings and courier software build on our decades of experience in the express package delivery industry. The e-Courier suite of courier software offerings provides value to carriers and shippers alike, as well as their agents and customers.

The e-Courier Courier Management System (CMS) is the enterprise courier software solution that allows for management of the delivery process, as well as for advanced communications between shippers, carriers, and agents.

If you have a delivery company looking for the latest .Net courier software technology, give us a call. With the CMS, you can get started right away. We will host the software for you, or you can host it yourself on a server at your facility. Either way, there are no up front costs, just a low monthly fee to cover your software, support, upgrades, and, if desired, the courier software hosting. There are no transaction fees for using the Courier Management Software.

If you are a shipper, call to find out how national shippers get their needs met by users of the e-Courier software technology.

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"Does e-Courier work for us? Yes. Do I recommend it? Yes. Would I do the same thing again, knowing what I know about e-Courier? Yes. Only sooner."

To contact us:

e-Courier, Inc., Corporate Offices
Phone: 410-729-3082
Fax: 443-346-0224

Corporate Mailing Address
e-Courier, Inc.
776 Live Oak Dr
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Courier Software Support Center
Phone: 281-812-3762
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